Economics and Employment

What is the impact of mining in Waihi, the region, and New Zealand?

As part of our consent conditions we are required to produce a Social Impact Management Plan (SIMP). The purpose of the SIMP is to provide a framework to identify, assess, monitor, manage and re- assess the social effects on the community of the Correnso Underground Mine in combination with the other OceanaGold mining projects operating in the Waihi area. It includes a set of indicators that monitor the social effects of the company’s mining operations over time.

An annual report on these indicators is put together by a third-party consultant on behalf of OceanaGold Waihi and is regulated by Hauraki District Council.

Statistics, views and opinions of various stakeholders including Waihi residents, community representatives, local business operators and OceanaGold’s workforce are collated to form the data in the report and management plans for six-themes are put together: Economy, Employment, Property, Community, Health and wellbeing, and Future of Waihi.

The aim of the SIMP is to better identify the nature and scope of the social impacts that might occur during OceanaGold Waihi’s operations and to help us proactively respond to change across the lifecycle of our developments.

The graphics below provide a snapshot of some of the social and economic data from the 2018 SIMP.

The full 2018 SIMP is available on this website.