Community Updates

The Waihi Gold Update is a monthly newsletter designed to inform the public about our operation.

Update 27 February 2020
Water, staff redundancies, Pit Rim Walkway

Update 23 January 2020
Donation & sponsorships 2019

Update 12 December 2019
Earthquakes & Impoundments

Update 17 October 2019
Tailings storage facility

Update 5 September 2019
Blessing of new machinery, Project Martha, Raise borer and Correnso meeting

Update 25 July 2019
Amenity Effect Programme (AEP), The Walrus, Sponsorships, donations and partnerships.

Update 20 June 2019
Social Impact Management Plan and a huge thanks for Mines Rescue Team 2019 Sky Tower Stair Challenge.

Update 9 May 2019
Tailings storage, what has happened, what does this mean and why was the Waihi Community not consulted earlier.

Update 18 April 2019
Cross of Crosses, a walk through history, field of poppies and ANZAC Day

Update 21 March 2019
The Sky Tower Challenge, back to the grind, a different kind of long drop, Miners Reunion, Beach Hop and Project Martha.

Update 28 February 2019
Project Martha, Site Tours for Rex & North wall residents, Martha Portal and the Education Centre.

Update 24 January 2019
Donations and sponsorships from 2018

Update 20 December 2018
Highlights from 2018.

Update 22 November 2018
Kauri die back, exploration drilling, Older Person’s Day, Waihi Volunteers Expo and Waihi Armistice.

Update 6 September 2018
Making submissions on Project Martha, phone survey, exploration, Archey’s Frog and the Pit Rim Walkway.

Update 26 July 2018
Project Martha, Social Impact management Plan (SIMP), a budding geologist and Amenity Effect Programme.

Update 28 June 2018
Project Martha, blessing of new machinery, Toi Ohomai Polytech students visit site and a woolly waka.

Update 24 May 2018
Fireworks display and the first gold pour.

Update 26 April 2018
Project Martha update, ECHO Walking Festival, Firefighter Sky Tower Challenge and have a heart.

Update 29 March 2018
Project Martha

Update 15 March 2018
Exploration drilling, camp life & kauri dieback

Update 15 February 2018
0800 WAIHIGOLD, sponsorships & donations and AEP.

Update 11 January 2018
Donations & sponsorships.