Mines Rescue

Waihi Gold’s Mines Rescue Team exists as part of the company’s Emergency Response Plan. The eighteen-member team is made up of employees drawn from most areas of the operation. Regular training sessions involve responding to emergency scenarios which are planned to test the team’s initiative, skills, response times and ability to competently carry out rescues while under pressure and close scrutiny.

The team is required to maintain skills in six different disciplines:

  • fire fighting
  • rescue at height and depth (rope haulage, abseiling)
  • first aid
  • hazardous chemical emergency response
  • open circuit breathing apparatus
  • closed circuit long duration breathing apparatus for underground rescue.

As part of Waihi Gold’s commitment to the community, a relationship has been established with local emergency services. Regular exercises and liaison with these groups has broadened the team’s experience and also allowed the community emergency response units to be aware of the equipment and skills that the Mines Rescue Team has to offer.