Moving the Cornish Pumphouse – August 7 to November 8 2006

7 August 2006
On the move!
At 6.30am the building began its epic journey. Four large hydraulic rams pushed the building. At the left staff can be seen controlling the valves that adjusted the speed and direction.

9 August 2006
Time lapse photography shows progress. By the end of the first week the pumphouse had moved 22 metres – almost to the end of the’ step out’.

14 August 2006
By the end of the first week the pumphouse had moved just over 22 metres along the 26 metre step out path and was almost ready to turn slightly in preparation for the journey west. During the week the building featured on TV 1 and TV 3 news, and in many newspapers. A new viewing platform on upper Seddon Street provided a great view for the public

17 August 2006
The pumphouse completed its step out and the western end (furthest from camera) was rotated to the south (left of picture) to align the building with the causeway. One ram was moved from the north wall to the east wall to assist with the rotation.

25 August 2006
Both rams were moved to the west of the building to pull the pumphouse.

1. concrete slider beam
2. mild steel covered with stainless steel
3. teflon pad
4. flat jacks
5. bracket system.

5 September 2006
Teflon pads.

5 September 2006
After the pumphouse had moved over the slider beams the back beams were unbolted and jacked to the middle trench under the building. Then they were winched on rollers to the front, jacked into position and reinstalled.

12 September 2006
The first slider beams can be seen here jacked to the middle of the track where they are pulled under the pumphouse and placed in front of the structure.

16 September 2006
About one third of the distance had been covered. As the pumphouse got nearer to town it was easier for members of the public to get a good view from the viewing areas specially set up.

20 September 2006
Staff from the Waihi Information Centre watch from a public viewing area. They are wearing hardhats and hi viz in readiness for a site visit.

2 October 2006
Keen as always to assist wherever possible, the Waihi Lions Club lent a hand on a Sunday when the regular crew are not at work. The club is on the lookout for new members and used the photo opportunity provided by the pumphouse move to get this attention grabbing image. Only about 160 metres to go!

17 October 2006
Getting closer…

24 October 2006
… and closer …
Only three beam moves to go!

27 October 2006
A different view taken from the western viewing platform looking south to the pumphouse as it moves behind the current pit rim. The picture shows the approximate original and final positions at the left and right of the frame.

3 November 2006
Almost there! The pumphouse was now able to be clearly seen from the main street of Waihi, making an imposing sight at night.

8 November 2006
The last few metres.

8 November 2006
Just before sunset Waihi Gold general manager Adriaan van Kersen and Golden Legacy Centre manager Doreen McLeod cut the ribbon to celebrate the building’s arrival.

8 November 2006
The ‘grand old lady’ settles in for her first night in her new location, three months and one day after setting out.