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The Waihi Gold Update is a monthly newsletter designed to inform the public about our operations.

Update 18 May 2017

In this edition we announce our application for consent to construct  two exploration drill drives from Correnso to Martha, explain why we are using the conveyor during May and why the vent shaft is steaming; and also report on activities on the Martha north wall.

Update 13 April 2017

This edition: Telling The Story of Waihi’s Gold, Waihi Arts Centre and Museum, Gold Discovery centre and OceanaGold Education Centre.

Update 6 March 2017

This edition is a reissue of material from last year when we  explained how we deal with heavy rain events on site

Update 16 February 2017
In this edition we explain the AEP.

Update 12 January 2017
In this edition we feature our donations, sponsorships, and partnerships from 2016.

In this edition we feature Blast Vibration Workshop, Office hours over the holiday period.

In this issue we background two of the techniques used which help us ‘see’ what is below the ground. We also advise of the first SUPA Community Meeting and the next Blast Vibration Workshop.

In this issue, after over half a metre of rain in the last month, we look at how the various parts of the mine site deal with that amount of water.

Update 8 September 2016
In this edition we stay with our tailings impoundments, and explain how events like last week’s earthquakes which were felt in Waihi are a very low risk to the TSF.

Update 7 July 2016

In this edition we explain the difference between a tailings impoundment like the two structures we have in Waihi and a tailings dam.

Update 2 June 2016
In this Issue we answer some of our critics and  attempt to dispel some of the myths about our industry which have received an airing recently.

Update 5 May 2016

In this issue we focus on the recent rock fall in the Martha open pit.

Update 28 April 2016

This half page special edition advises the general public of the closure of a section of the Pit Rim Walkway as a result of yesterday’s rock fall in the Martha open pit.

Update 14 April 2016

In this edition we report on the rerouting of the northern section of the Pit Rim Walkway, explain why we are moving a short section of fence at the Cornish Pumphouse, and provide the community with a brief background on last week’s group restructure announcement.

Update 7 April 2016

In this edition we report on continuing work on the north wall of the open pit, exploration activity, and the recent Miners’ Reunion. Dylan Purcell  also features in his Beach Hop drag race outfit as he sprints for the line.

Update 3 March 2016

In this edition we report on exploration activity and explain how we use drill rigs to locate gold bearing ore.

Update 11 February 2016 2016
In this edition we list the sponsorships, partnerships and donations that we were involved in during 2015.

Update 28 January 2016
In this issue we report that blasting has recommenced at Martha, we are placing exploration drill rigs around the open pit, and the weekly evacuation siren test will recommence. There is also a thanks to staff who assisted in so many ways at the Tunnellers’ Memorial Dedication last Friday.

Update 14 January 2016
In this edition we report on Empire and Daybreak, and background the construction of the new access road into the Martha open pit. There is also a report on the Tunnellers’ Memorial dedication which will take place on Frida 22 January. Waihi Gold has been a funding partner in this project and has also provided in-kind assistance.

The Waihi Gold Update is a fortnightly newsletter designed to inform the public about our operations.
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Update 10 December 2015
In this edition we explain why we are now reporting our exploration activities in more detail, update progress on the Social Impact Management Plan, and detail site activity over the holiday period.y.

Update 5 November 2015
In this issue we background the transition to OceanaGold, explain changes to our 0800 Community Engagement Line number, and report on the Social Impact Management Plan. We also introduce our new general manager Bernie O’Leary to the public.

Update 29 October 2015
In this issue Newmont says “farewell” to Waihi. We reflect on their 13 years working in the Waihi community.

Update 8 October 2015
In this issue we report on two very different Correnso consent conditions: the Social Impact Management Plan, and seismic and rock movement monitoring.

Update 10 September 2015
In this edition we explain how Waihi’s gold and silver can now be purchased in Waihi.

Update 13 August 2015
In this Update we introduce a new blast notification device, explain why some blasts may have felt a bit ‘different’ recently, and briefly report on where we are up to with the sale of the operation.

Update 30 July 2015
In this issue we look at the Amenity Effect Programme, update progress on the blast notification system, and report on MP Brett Hudson’s visit to site.

Update 16 July 2015
In this issue we feature photos from recent underground tours, and take the opportunity to answer questions we did not have time to respond to on Gold FM recently.

Update 2 July 2015
In this issue we detail amendments to the Top Up programme, report that drilling contractor Boart Longyear and Newmont Waihi Gold’s geology team have collectively reached eight years without recording a Lost Time Accident, and also report that 40 Waihi East residents will be attending blast vibration workshops being held on 2 July.

Update 18 June 2015
In this issue we explain why we are playing ‘Battleships’ with students in Waihi East, explain what the SIMP is and where to find it, and report on what happens next, now that the sale of Waihi Gold to OceanaGold has been finalised.

Update 4 June 2015
In this Update we detail what will happen on site as a result of Newmont’s decision to stop active mining in the Martha open pit and explain why this is different to closure. We also pay tribute to the staff of Macmahon Contractors whose contract has been terminated as a result of this decision.

Update 21 May 2015
In this edition we report that mining has not resumed at the open pit and look at what some Macmahon staff have been doing in the community in the interim. We also report on progress with the Tsunado blast notification device roll out, and explain why we recently had a video crew underground.

Update 7 May 2015
In this issue we address some of the frequently asked questions regarding the proposed sale by Newmont of Waihi Gold to OceanaGold.

Update April 23 2015
In this ‘Miners at War’ issue we report on local miners who lost their lives on the first day of the Gallipoli assault and record the death of Sapper Davies, a miner from Waihi, whose death created Waihi’s first war widow. We also reproduce a newspaper article suggesting that the term ‘Digger’ originated in Waihi and another which reports that, amongst the death and destruction, gold was discovered on the Gallipoli Peninsula.

Lest we Forget.

Update 9 April 2015
In this edition we explain how and why we backfill our underground mines, and also detail the paperwork we require from people or organisations that apply to us for financial or in-kind assistance.

Update 26 March 2015
In this edition we explain electric fishing; what it is, how it works, why we do it, and the results we have received from last month’s survey. There is also advice on bait stations being placed on Union Hill to control rats and mice.

12 March 2015
In this edition we report on our current near mine exploration drilling programme. We describe what we are doing, where and why; and use fish and chips to explain the exploration process.

26 February 2015
In this edition we report on activities at our Education Centre, take a look at our three new underground trucks, and explain why some of our female staff are wearing pink hi viz shirts.

Update 12 February 2015
In this issue we report on a number of new technologies now being used underground to improve safety and productivity.

Update 29 January 2015
In this issue we report on our Tailings Storage Facility and explain what is happening there during the summer construction season. We also background some history, and explain what you can see from the road, and what you can’t see, and how both of these are important.

Update 15 January 2015
In this edition we report on the ways in which we regularly communicate with our local community, and the ways in which our community can get in touch with us. We also report on the 2014 Social Impact Assessment (SIA) which is available on our website.

Update 1 January 2015
In this edition we detail the donations, sponsorships and partnerships we provided during 2014.