Papers and Presentations

Green Gold: If Not Here, Where?: A keynote address to the AusIMM (NZ Branch) conference, Wellington, 2008 by General Manager Glen Grindlay.

Movies, magazines, newspapers and websites give the impression that our industry is a polluting, unsustainable, exploitative, greedy, woman hating, environmental time bomb. And, by using gold, or any product from a mine you are part of the problem. What we do see reported about the industry is not representative of what is happening in New Zealand. So we often remain silent because we don’t want to be seen to boast, and then shake our collective heads if we read about ourselves in the newspaper. We are the industrial equivalent of the quintessential Kiwi bloke; quiet, reserved, not wanting to make a fuss, and a bit confused by it all.

Green Gold: If Not Here, Where? 2008


The Challenges of Success: A keynote address to the AusIMM (NZ Branch) conference, Wellington, 2007 by General Manager Glen Grindlay.

Mining in the twenty-first century brings with it a new range of challenges, some unfamiliar to our industry. Skilled staff recruitment and retention is a significant issue. Equipment supply lead times are changing the risk profile under which we operate. And the new landscape of this century demands accountability at all levels while also requiring that we deliver more to our shareholders and our host communities. This paper draws on experiences in Waihi, addresses some of the challenges facing the modern mining industry and suggests some modest mitigation strategies.

The Challenges of Success 2007


Waihi, New Zealand’s Heart of Gold: A keynote address to the AusIMM (NZ Branch) conference, Waihi, 2006 by General Manager Adriaan van Kersen.

A very warm and special welcome to Waihi, New Zealand’s Heart of Gold. You are here at what is, without doubt, a most exciting time for Newmont. … Southern Stability Cutback … Favona underground mine … $9M a year exploration programme … Cornish Pumphouse relocation … rehabilitation programme … pit rim walkway … robust relationship with our host community … This paper will report briefly on each of these topics.

Waihi, New Zealand’s Heart of Gold 2006


Experiences in Community Consultation: Powerpoint slides presented to the AusImm (NZ) Conference, Nelson, 2004 by Communication Officer Linda Willoughby.

Newmont Waihi Gold’s involvement with the Waihi Community Vision group (formerly Waihi Consultative Committee). This presentation outlines the steps in the consultative process to date.

Experiences in Community Consultation 2004


Waihi’s Community Story: A paper presented to the New Zealand Minerals and Mining Conference, Wellington, 2000 by General Manager Mike Slight.

Since gold was first discovered at Waihi in 1878, it has formed a key part of the region’s economy. Today the mine produces up to 1,250,000 tonnes of ore annually, and the project employs some 234 men and women. In 1999 the value of the gold and silver produced ($59 million) made up 47% of Waihi’s estimated GDP. Waihi Gold has made significant contributions to the Waihi economy, community and the Hauraki region as a whole. The Company undertakes extensive consultation throughout project planning, construction, operations and rehabilitation. Ongoing liaison and involvement with all community sectors, including Tangata Whenua and Iwi, local residents, recreational groups and schools remains an integral part of the operation. Well-established environmental and community teams are committed to achieving excellence through ongoing improvement programmes and staff awareness. When the mine is closed resources will be provided by the mine to ensure the rehabilitated site remains in a safe and self-sustaining, stable condition in perpetuity. The mine is regarded as a showcase on a world standard of how a modern mining operation can successfully co-exist with the nearby community.

Waihi’s Community Story 2000